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May 2008 Alex has been accepted at Midwestern University Dental School in Glendale, AZ !
January 2008 Dr. Bronson travelled to Boston, MA for the Yankee Dental Conference to update his CPR.
January 2008 Dr. Bronson, Blanca, and Alex travelled to Irvine, CA for a Damon Orthodontic Seminar with Dr. Derek Mahoney.
December 2007 Alex has been accepted at Howard University School of Dentistry!
October 2007 Dr. Bronson and Blanca travelled to Las Vegas for the Annual Holistic Dental Association Meeting.
July 2007 Office will be closed from June 29th until July 10th. "Happy Independence Day"
June 29 '07 Dr. Bronson and staff will update their CPR protocols
May 20,2007 Alex graduates from the University of Virginia with  Bachelors in Biology and Psychology
May '07 Dr. Bronson traveled again to Charlottesville and presented an ALF lecture for Drs. Brian and Jennifer Prax
April '07 Dr. Bronson and Blanca traveled to Argentina to visit Julia, who was doing a semester abroad in Buenos Aires.
March '07 Dartmouth's Women's Hockey Team Won the IVY League and ECAC Titles. Julia recieved an all-Ivy Honorable mention and was on the ECAC all-academic team.
January 26 '07 Dr. Bronson and Blanca traveled to the Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston
January 2007 "Happy New Year"
November 2006    HAPPY THANKSGIVING November 23rd
November 17-18th - Dr. Bronson travels to the office of Dr. Darick Nordstrom, the developer of the ALF appliance to discuss advanced concepts and protocols in Hollester, CA.
November 10-12th - Dr. Bronson traveled to Phoenix, AZ to take part in the Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection, Module 3; TMJ prolotherapy.
November 4th - Dr. Bronson traveled to Charlottesville, VA to the Chiropractic Office of Drs. Brian and Jennifer Prax for consultations about the ALF appliance and other dental issues.
September 19-24 2006  ALF'S in IRELAND
Dr. Bronson and Blanca will travel to Killarney, Ireland to participate in the AAGO Annual Session on the ALF / Crozat relationship.
August 19th 2006 Micro Pins in Boston
Dr. Bronson traveled to Boston to participate in the Dentarum Symposium on Micro Screws and Mini Implants.
July 26th - 29th 2006 Cranio Facial Pain in Denver
Dr. Bronson and Blanca traveled to Denver for the American Academy of Cranial Facial Pain Annual Conference. Dr. Bronson had the privilege of presenting his sleep apnea with children " The ALF approach" to a small group of his colleagues.
June 28th, 2006 ALF'S in CHARLOTTESVILLE
Dr. Bronson, Blanca and Alex traveled to Charlottesville, VA to the Chiropractic Office of Drs. Brian and Jennifer Prax, where Dr. Bronson gave a 2 hour presentation on the ALF appliance and other 21st Century Dental advancements.
Dr. Bronson and Blanca traveled to Chicago to participate in the AACP Anatomy and Injection Course.
November 2005  DENTAL MISSION to Michoacan, Mexico
Dr. Bronson, Blanca, and Alex traveled to Michoacan, Mexico, where in the town of Patzcuaro.   They performed 3 days of volunteer service donating both the supplies and their expertise to help out many of the indigenous children.
September 2005 BICON IMPLANTS 20th Year Symposium
Dr. Bronson and Blanca traveled to Boston to the 20th Anniversary of the Bicon Implant.  Dr. Bronson has been involved with this system since 1987.
March 2005
Where has the winter gone, we are already into the third month of the year, spring planting is right around the corner.
The office will be closed from March 18th through March 27th.
Office Update:
What's all the hoopla about fish oil (EPA/DHA)? The American Heart Association is recommending it for people with high triglycerides, in addition it may reduce moderately elevated blood pressure.  In our TMJ patients, we are seeing a reduction in joint pain, inflammation, and there are studies that indicate it has antiviral properties and may help with certain autoimmune diseases.
When in the office ask about Oxygen / Oxidative Therapy for NICO Lesions, periodontal treatment, and caries reversal.
New Products available:
Tooth and Gum Tonic and Toothpaste, Systemic Formula Products, including Accell, Arctic Oils, EPA/DHA and Cod Liver Oil, Standard Process Products,   Britesmile Products including Whitening Pens, Mouthwash, Toothpaste, and Chewing Gum.  We also have a selection of waterpik irrigation devices and Sonicare toothbrushes.
Family Update:
The University of Virginia Men's Ice Hockey team won the ACCHL with a league record of 13-1, last weekend they lost in the Championship Game of the ACCHL Tournament to Georgetown 7-5. Alex finished the season second in points on the team. He currently, is finishing his second year at UVA, Go Wahoos!  Julia was selected to the USA Hockey 18 year old camp in Lake Placid, she has decided on Dartmouth for next year. Dartmouth's Women's Ice Hockey team is currently ranked #3 Nationally. Go Big Green!

June 2004
Office Update: Dr. Bronson will attend the Academy of Sleep Medicine Annual Meeting from June 3rd- 5th.    The office will be closed from June 25th through July 9th.
May 2004
Family Update: Alex has finished his first year at UVA, how quickly the time passed. Julia is preparing for the USA Hockey National Camp next month, she will spent a week in Lake Placid with the top 17 & 18 year old players in the country.
Office Update: In April, Dr. Bronson spent 2 days with Dr. Gerald Smith, reviewing his "Physiologic Adaptive Range Concept", the concept is related to direct resonance testing of materials and nutritional supplements. In May, Dr. Bronson and Blanca will attend the Holistic Dental Association Annual Meeting that will be held May 13th-15th in Alexandria, VA.  
In the office, we have available the "Trauma Card" from the Gentle Wind Project, for those interested there is no charge to come and hold the card. For more information on the project, check their web site @

March 2004
Family Update: Julia was selected as the only defenseman from the Southeast District to the USA Hockey 17&18 National Camp at Lake Placid. Her hockey team, Washington Pride, will represent the SE District at USA Hockey Nationals in Rochester, NY March 31st to April 4th. She is also playing on Yorktown High School's Inaugural Hockey team.  Julia also made the Yorktown Varsity Soccer Team. In March, Julia was named Yorktown's "Athlete of the Month".  Alex is hard at work in his second semester at UVA.  He  played on their hockey team, which hosted the ACCHL Playoffs from February 27th through March 1st. Alex was named to the All ACC Freshman Team, he finished 2nd in scoring on the team.  Blanca and I are traveling between Julia's games and Alex's on the weekends.

Office Update: 2003 went by so fast, in December, Dr. Bronson attended a 2 day conference on trigger point injections and the incorporation of ozone therapy for jaw lesions. In September, November 03, and February 04, Dr. Bronson attended Dr. Omura's Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics seminars. In October, Dr. Bronson attended Dr. Galvin James seminar on the ALF Appliance in Toronto, in September he attended Dr. Harold Kristal's seminar on Metabolic Typing and Nutrition. And in September, he attended the IAOMT Annual Meeting in New Orleans.
May 2003
Family Update: In USA Hockey Nationals, Alex's hockey team lost an exciting semifinal game 2-1, to the eventual National Champions. Julia's team made it to the quarterfinals loosing to the eventual 2nd place team. Both played varsity soccer this year at Yorktown High School and both teams won their District. Alex's team lost 1-0, in the last 14 seconds of their Regional quarterfinal game on a free kick.  Alex will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall, how fast time flies!
Office Update: This month marks 20 years of dental practice! A special thanks to all my patients, friends, and extended family for  making this experience exciting, rewarding, and helpful.  This past couple of years have been very dynamic with the incorporation of TMJ Treatment, Craniomandibular Disorders and Orthodontics. February's course in "Cranial Osteopathy" was especially rewarding. We have incorporated the "Total Body Concept" in the practice, looking at cranio-sacral components as well as orthopedic and orthodontic. The importance of diet, exercise, and nutrition can't be over emphasized.
September 2002
The long hot dry summer has left, and we are having a beautiful warm Washington fall.  Alex and Julia are back at ice hockey, both teams started play in August.  Alex will be playing this year with the Tri-Cities Eagles, the team will host Tier II Nationals in April. Julia is playing again with the Washington Pride, a girl's under 19 team.  Alex is a senior this year and Julia is a sophomore at Yorktown High School. Also, Julia is playing soccer with DC Impact, a girls travel soccer team. Lorena is busy running her two sons to travel soccer, Khishige and Zahra, rounding out our international team, are making sure the office continues to run smoothly and efficiently.
 Blanca and Alex have both completed the Certification Course for TMJ Assistants, offered by the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, it was a vigorous (25 CE) 4 1/2 day affair. In addition, they both just updated their healthcare CPR certification.
 Dr. B. spent September 12-14 in Toronto at an Advanced Orthodontics, Orthopedics and TMD Symposium.  From October 3 -5, he will be attending the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Annual Meeting in Crystal City, and October 10-13 the Orthodontic Summit in Chicago, where he will participate in the discussions on the co-relation of airway and growth  development, sleep apnea, TMD, and advanced Orthodontics.

TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction).
Symptoms include Clicking or popping in the jaw joints, grinding or clenching teeth at night, ringing in the ears, dizziness, stuffiness in ears, extra\ear wax or itchiness in ears, feeling of something caught in throat, frequent headaches, shoulder and neck pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms call for a thorough evaluation.
Common symptoms of airway and/or TMD problems in children include snoring, grinding their teeth at night, severely worn front teeth, thumb or finger sucking habits, cross bites, photo phobia and frequent headaches. These problems should be treated as early as possible.
TOOTH WHITENING is only one hour away; it's not to early to think about having whiter teeth for the holidays, gift certificates are available.
ADULT ORTHODONTICS, getting straighter teeth is easier than you may think, ask us about INVISALIGN.

Forecast:  Hot and humid weather!  When watering plants and trees, the early morning hours are best.
Family News:
Alex and Blanca have completed 50% of the Certified TMJ Assistant program offered by the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.  This is a 24 credit hour comprehensive program in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, radiology, and patient stress management.  
Alex played roller hockey this summer, with the Annandale Maple Leafs, they won a local tournament, were runners-up in the regional tournament in New Jersey, but ran into fierce competition at Nationals, where 3 of their 4 games were against top 5 rated teams in the country. They did win the 4th game though.
Julia has attended a soccer camp, and looks forward to the hockey season where she will play for the Washington Pride again.  Alex will play this season with the Tri-Cities Eagle, and hopefully lead them to a berth in next April's USA Hockey's National Tournament.
Office News:
Dr. Bronson has spent a lot of the summer attending continuing education courses in TMJ diagnosis and treatment, craniofacial pain maintenance, and Orthodontic finishing of TMJ cases, as well as early interceptive Orthodontics, with an emphasis on airway development and TMJ position.
So that our staff can spend some quality time with their families, the office will be closed from August 9 - 18th.
We hope everyone is having a great summer!!!!!!!
JUNE 2002
The hot weather turned into a mild beautiful spring!  
With summer quickly approaching, all the BBQ's and vacations, remember to eat moderately, drink plenty of water, exercise, and keep the toothbrush handy.
Family News:  
The Yorktown High School Varsity Soccer, Alex's team won the District, then went on to the Semifinal game in the Regional losing in the 99th minute of sudden death overtime to West Springfield High School,  "Way to go Patriots!"
Staff News:
So that our staff can spend some quality vacation time with their families, the office will be closed from Friday June 21st until Monday July 8th.  Happy 4th of July!  
Continuing Education News:
On May 31st and June 1st, Dr. Bronson will be attending the 4th Annual Toronto Orthodontic Symposium.
On June 6th and 7th, Dr. Bronson will be attending a Mid America Orthodontic Seminar.

APRIL 2002
This year our spring has turned into intense summer, these high 90's are unbelievable for April.  Our Azaleas and Dogwoods are absolutely beautiful (see pictures on side). For those of you that are planting outside be sure to wear your sun block SPF15 and drink plenty of water.  Workout early in the mornings or after the sun has gone down, remember watering plants and yards for best results should be early in the morning.
Alex and Julia both won their respective district playoffs and headed off to USA Hockey's Tier 1 Nationals.  By age standards, Julia's team was very young, they competed in the Girls 19 and under bracket, most of her team is under 16.  They played well, but the size and experience of the other teams send them out of Nationals with three defeats.  Alex's team had the toughest draw in their tournament, they lost to Team Wisconsin, the eventual National Champion, and to the Pittsburgh Hornets, the 2nd Place finisher.  They beat the Alaska All-stars 3-2, Alex had the goal that tied the game.
Now, we are off to a new venue, Alex made Yorktown High School's Varsity Soccer Team and Julia is playing on Yorktown's Junior Varsity Girls Team.  It's nice to be outdoors, fortunately with this heat the games are in the early evening.
Blanca and I are getting a small break from running to practice or games, but we have been to several great continuing education courses.  
Khishige, my new office assistant, started with us in February.  She comes to us via Mongolia, and she says that she hasn't found a good Mongolian Restaurants in our area yet.  Incidentally, Blanca doesn't think their are any real good Mexican Restaurants here, either.  They need Mariachis.
I am really excited about the Two Phase Full Face Orthodontic Concept.  It is important to start treatment as soon as a bad habit or jaw discrepancy is determined. We can start treating these problems on children as young as 4 years old. And best of all we can treat most cases right here in the office. Started early enough most cases can be treated without extraction of teeth.
And the "INVISALIGN" cases are going great, there is no reason to hide those lower crooked teeth anymore, invisalign can straighten them and we can whiten them at the same time, which incidentally is included in the treatment; and the best part it doesn't hurt and no one can tell your wearing the aligners.
 Ask me about "Two Phase Orthodontics" and "INVISALIGN" or call Lorena to make a free consultation appointment.
Earlier this month I was in a Cancer Detection Seminar, the best advise that I can give is wear  SUN BLOCK 15 when you are out in the sun. The lower lip experiences the most amount of UV light.