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   What makes us different?
What makes us different?            "Taking Dentistry to Another Level"

A. Our Comprehensive Approach to Dental Care requires looking at the functional alignment of the entire cranio mandibular complex, paying particular attention to a healthy jaw joint relationship and the proper head / neck posture position.
1. Radiographs, MRI, photographs, study models, Joint Vibration Analysis, Matscan with Sway Analysis, and a thorough clinical exam, help us to determine the proper cranio mandibular relationship and the appropriate treatment modalities.
2. Joint Vibration Analysis records the movement of the hard and soft tissues in the Temporomandibular Joints, it is helpful in determining the type, severity and location of the problem occurring in the TM joints.
3. The Matscan / Sway Analysis allows us to quantify balance changes with changes in mandibular position.

4. Adjunctive to any treatment we may offer Infrared treatment, Biotens, or Ozone / Oxidative Therapy, and Nutritional advise.
5. Heart Rate Variability Monitoring with appliance placement.
6. The ALF "cranial friendly orthopedics / orthodontics, the MYOBRACE, and DAMON BRACKETS.

          Joint Vibration Analysis                   Ozone / Oxidative Therapy                   Posture Grid
                                             Biotens Unit                                                    Infrared Treatment
B. We are very concerned about the safe and proper procedure for removal of old mercury-amalgam fillings.
1. We employ a specially designed "at the source" filtration vacuum system to remove amalgam particles and mercury vapor during filling removal.
2. We cut the old filling into chunks utilizing copious amounts of distilled water.
3. We utilized a special high speed evacuation tip "a clean-up aspirator", designed in Europe to minimize patient and dental staff exposure to mercury vapor and particles during removal.
4. A mercury vapor ionizer is employed.
5. A negative ion filter, a Faust mercury vapor filter, and a hepa filter are used, to neutralize and collect any residual mercury vapor or dust particles that may be present in the office.

                                                        Mercury Vapor Ionizer

Amalgam filling removal with rubber dam, cleanup aspirator and at the source vacuum